Update on Rory’s Eye Cancer

The surgery went extremely well but we have been incredibly nervous for his pathology report to come back. Was the spot on his eye actually cancer? If so, did we catch it before it spread? If it did spread, what do we do next?


Well Dr. Holmberg, from the Animal Eye Center of NJ, called yesterday and we got the BEST news! The spot in his eye was definitely melanoma so his diagnosis was correct. Thankfully we caught it super early and the rate of growth was very slow so it didn’t spread beyond the area that we knew was affected. Deciding to do this surgery was one of the most difficult decisions Joe and I have made together but we are so grateful to know it was the right decision and one that saved his life. We broke the news to our little guy last night and celebrated with a big plate of tuna.

We go back next week for his final post op appointment and hopefully we can finally say goodbye to his cone! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words on my Facebook page, Twitter and here on the blog. You made a very tough time better.


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