How To Create a Gorgeous DIY Gold & Aqua Beach Bridal Shower

When my best friend Caitlin asked me to be her Matron of Honor I practically exploded with excitement. As an only child I have always dreamed of having a sister and Cait is as close to being one as it gets. For the past ten years we have shared so many laughs and fabulous memories as roommates and sorority sisters and I couldn’t wait to shower her with gifts and love at her bridal shower. It was a major bonus that all of her friends (and future sister-in-law) are seriously awesome which made planning this party even more fun.


Bridal Party

Caitlin is a beach girl with an affinity for gold, glitter and champagne which made picking the theme for her shower a piece of cake. As you can see she was glowing the entire day.
Cait's Shower

Two of my gifts were the gold monogram and Mrs. Rubin hanger which you can see above that I have been dying to give her!

Champagne Bar

Our bride to be is all about bubbles so we knew we had to include a little champagne into the mix. We decided to skip going with something traditional like a candy bar and created a champagne bar with fresh fruit and assorted juices for her.

Champagne Bar

goldI had a tough time picking the champagne for the bar but when I stumbled across Gold by Rondel I knew I couldn’t go wrong! It fit in with her theme perfectly and looked great with all the other gold and aqua decorations. You can get it online here. This champagne had a light peach flavor to it so it went really well with the rest of the fruit.

Her soon to be in-laws (mom & sister) brought the blue plastic champagne flutes and printed really adorable starfish stickers with her name and shower date to personalize them.

Big tip for anyone using chalkboards at a bridal shower or on any other signs for that matter… if you really want to make the writing pop try using these Super Chalk pens.

I tried to not overdo it with the beach theme but couldn’t pass up on the super cute starfish garland from Michaels and the also bought the C & J letters from there which I painted gold and then spray-painted with glitter. The other item I picked up while I was there was the Miss to Mrs chalkboard which we turned into a days until the wedding countdown. We also ordered Cheers to Caitlin and Jarrett bar napkins from Party Innovations which added a nice personalized touch. They have really great prices and shipped fast.

Last but not least, we bought a large black bottle of champagne that we tied a gold marker around so guests could sign it. Instead of putting a book on the shelf that would probably collect dust I thought this would be a nice keepsake she could add to her bar decor.

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Decorations

Centerpieces & Banner

We kept the tables simple and elegant with gold tablecloths, votive candles and these centerpieces. Mason Jar Centerpiece


The base was blue mason jars from Etsy and we tied gold glitter ribbon around the base. We filled them with big bunches of babies breath from my local farmer’s market and topped each bouquet with leftover cupcake toppers (link later in the post).

I got the mason jars from Etsy here. These jars get get pretty expensive and this was by far the best price I found online. They also packaged them with great care with I truly appreciated. If you want to do this for a party be sure you order the quart and not pint size.

I kept seeing super cute Bride to Be banners all over Pinterest and Etsy but didn’t end up buying one. The week before the shower I started regretting it and asked the girls if one of them could try their hand at making one. Cait M. stepped up (with the help of her mom) and knocked it out of the park! How cute is this?! She got the burlap, stencils, ribbons and paint all from Michael’s for about $25. It ended up being 12 feet long and was one of the focal points of the party.

DIY Beach Bride to Be Banner

Bridal Shower Gifts, Games and Prizes

We kicked off opening gifts with a group gift from all the bridesmaids called Quench Your Thirst Through All Your Firsts and included original poems for First Fight, First Valentine’s Day, First Anniversary, First Home, First Baby (non-alcoholic) and even one for “Just Because.” We also gave her individual gifts from each of us.

Group Gift from Bridesmaids

Group Gift for Bridal Shower

After that we passed out Bridal Bingo cards. It took hours to make these because each card had to be different but it was totally worth it. The ladies had a blast playing. As she opened up a gift we would call it out and they would come up to pick a prize as they got bingo. We had prizes that ranged from cosmetic bags and candy to jewelry sets from Lia Sophia. This really kept everyone engaged as she opened her gifts (which took about an hour!).

Bridal Shower Prizes


We also played Bride & Groom trivia that tested the guests knowledge for how well they know Cait and Jarrett. Two women got 13 answers right!Bridal Shower Bingo


I especially loved the white lifeguard chair that she sat in while she opened gifts and we added a barware wishing well to the right of it for smaller gifts. (Can you tell her and her fiance love cocktails by now?)FotorCreatedShe looked adorable opening gifts and smiled the entire time.



I have been SO excited to see how this would turn out and I think it looked pretty sweet (ha get it…I know I am such a nerd). Anyway, the only thing missing from this picture was the fruit salad that the bride to be brought. Yes, she thought she was making it for her dad’s 60th surprise party! My mom baked up a storm with vanilla, chocolate and blue velvet cupcakes and one of the other guests brought the gorgeous starfish and beach cookies which were gingerbread and sugar cookie flavors. My mom had the cupcake stands at home but found the perfect gold 3 tier servers. You can get similar ones here.




One of my most favorite things at her shower were the engagement picture cupcake toppers. They are a little pricey but so worth it! You can get them from Etsy here. Bridal Shower Desserts

Bridal Shower Favors

As guests left they took home one of Caitlin and Jarrett’s beach engagement pictures in these little frames which we bought from here. I used a different picture for each frame because I couldn’t pick just one, or two…they were all so cute! The Favors sign, which we also had on the prizes, champagne bar and other tables, were from Michaels and I painted them gold to fit the theme. Bridal Shower Favors

Overall it was such a great day and I loved seeing my best friend being showered with love from all her family and friends. I can’t tell you how excited I am for her wedding on New Year’s Eve!

A BIG and SPECIAL thank you to all who made this day so special including all the bridesmaids, Cait’s family (and future family), Catie M’s mom and of course, my mom who is the DIY Queen!

Now it’s time to start planning her vineyard Bachelorette party for the Fall!

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