Heartbroken to Learn Our Cat Has Cancer

11702669_810881630326_8081765619503273167_nWhile I so enjoy sharing the happy moments in my life today is a really tough day. This afternoon we found out Rory, our four year old tabby, has ocular melanoma. We are truly devastated to learn that he has cancer and even more heartbroken that the eye specialist said he will need to have his eye removed within the next few months to prevent it from spreading. If we don’t move forward with the surgery his survival rate would be about two years so the decision is sad but very clear.

We are stunned by the news but also so grateful that we were able to catch this so early. We went to Animal Eyes of NJ and they were extremely knowledgeable and kind to us. If you notice any dark spotting like this in your pet’s eye please don’t hesitate to have it checked out.

Feline Ocular Melanoma. Cat Eye Cancer

With such a serious diagnosis we would like to get as much information about this type of feline cancer as we can before his surgery. If you have gone through this I would really love to connect via email LivingLLifeBlog@gmail.com. Also, if you have a recommendation for pet insurance I would love to hear about that as well.

In the meantime we will continue to spoil him with love, new toys and his favorite treats.

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