Why Adopting Was the Best Decision Ever

After months and months of begging my husband to adopt, we finally made the leap.

On February 5, 2011, Joe and I became parents. Our new “baby” had our hearts from the moment we first held him and now three years later I can’t imagine our life without him.

Adopting a pet was something I knew I wanted to do the moment we moved into our first home but my husband was apprehensive. He had never owned a pet…not even a goldfish…so he had no idea what to expect. After deciding we weren’t home nearly enough to raise a puppy, we both decided a kitten was the right choice for our family.

For me, going to a pet store wasn’t an option. According to ASPCA, only¬†37% of cats in shelters are adopted. Rescuing one of these little babies was something I knew we just had to do.

We searched countless rescue sites and stumbled across the sweetest looking little ball of fur on feedingtheforgotten.com. His name was Scotch (now Rory) and we just had to have him. Here is his picture from the site…


I have to say, once we got him home, it wasn’t what we expected. From hiding under the couch to keeping us up all night to having multiple eye infections, it honestly felt a bit like we had a real new born in the house. Like all babies, nap time was crucial in the first few months.


After a while he started to warm up to us and even helped with household chores, like doing laundry, helping me pack and even filling in for me while I worked from home.


He has come to LOVE the holidays… (and by love I mean he barely tolerates getting dressed up)


And while he doesn’t always love the camera attention


You can tell from this smile Rory is thrilled with his “Forever Home”


Rory is the coolest cat. He runs to the door to greet us when we come home, plays fetch, hangs out with everyone when we have company and sleeps with us every night. We love Rory like a child and I encourage anyone looking for a pet to consider adopting as well.

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