A Hello From Beyond

Do you believe in signs from beyond? We have all heard stories of “signs” from loved ones who passed on. Up until now I have always been a skeptic but after this experience I am a complete believer.

When we moved into our house last year we noticed a really pretty tree that my mother-in-law nicknamed “the healing tree.” None of us had any idea what type of tree it was as it had no flowers on it. Also, I am still not sure why she called it that but today it has a whole new meaning. We waited all spring for for the tree to bloom but nothing ever happened.

bobbyOn July 9th we lost my grandfather after months and months of watching him battle for his life. I spent my last visit in the hospital with him rubbing his head until he fell asleep. Knowing he passed away in his sleep during the night brought me peace but I was truly devestated that he was gone. As the oldest grandchild in my family I feel so fortunate for the years I had with him, for all the life events he was a part of and especially grateful to have the opportunity to dance in my wedding. I felt such sadness for all the younger grandkids that got robbed of these experiences.

When we returned home after saying goodbye at his final resting place my husband noticed that the tree we had always wondered about had one single white magnolia flower in full bloom.


Of course I took it as a sign. My grandfather’s last name was white and to me a single white flower that we had not noticed the day before was the ultimate, “I love you and I’m at peace.” Two months has passed since my sign and not a single other flower ever bloomed on our Magnolia Tree.

Have you ever recieved a sign from beyond?


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