30 for 30: My Husband’s 30th Birthday Surprise

Wow. 30 Years Old. 

On November 9th, my husband will enter the 30th chapter of his life. It’s hard to believe that I have known him for almost a third of it.

I’ve been thinking of creative gifts ideas for months. After scouring Pinterest, I found top 30 lists, creative cakes, scavenger hunts and plenty of other orginal ideas but nothing seemed like the right fit.

I wanted a gift that he could treasure forever.

I wanted a gift that showed him that the 30 years he has been on this earth have impacted me and so many others in a way that he could never understand.

With two months to go it finally clicked. I decided I would ask our family and friends to write him a letter. I selected 30 people from his past and present who know him best. I asked that they write him a letter with advice for turning 30, a funny memory, really anything they wanted it to be. The letters were amazing and packed with fun memories, pictures, inside jokes and most of all person after person letting him know just how incredible he is.


I suprised him a month before his birthday with the letters and told him he could open one a day leading up to the thirty days to his birthday. (I figured this would make easing into the big 30 a little easier)


He absolutely loved it and I couldn’t be more grateful to our family and friends for helping to make this gift such a treasure. Cheers to 30 Years J.


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