23andMe: My Results


Italian…Knew that too

Scandinavian…wait, what?

My results from my 23AndMe genetic test are back and there were definitely a few surprises.


Ancestry Composition:

How it works- “Ancestry Composition tells you what percent of your DNA comes from each of 31 populations worldwide. This analysis includes DNA you received from all of your recent ancestors, on both sides of your family. The results reflect where your ancestors lived before the widespread migrations of the past few hundred years”

I knew I was definitely Irish and Italian, but beyond that I really wasn’t sure what else would come up.  1/3 of my test results fell in the “broad” categories and I wish they could be better defined but I still thought this was pretty cool.


23Me1DNA Relatives

Like ancestry.com and other family history/family tree sites, 23andMe has an option to connect with relatives.  Apparently I have over 400 cousins in the US, ranging from close family to very distant. The majority of these results fell in the 4-6th cousin range. Some popular surnames in my family tree include Preisner, Havercamp, Deiterich, Tierney and Medley.


Other Fun Facts

jimmyI have always been a big fan of margaritas and now it totally makes sense. Jimmy Buffet, Mr. Margaritaville himself, is a distant relative on my mother’s side! At first I thought this was a gimmick and that everyone who takes a 23andMe test gets paired with a celebrity, but after speaking with a coworker she said she didn’t have any matches so I made it feel a little more authentic. These celebrity pairings are based on “haplogroups” and mine is labeled Haplogroup H. To the left you can see some of the halo2other haplogroup celebrity pairings available on the site. Jimmy Buffet is cool but imagine saying Benjamin Franklin is a distant relative? That would be awesome!According to 23andMe “Haplogroup H dominates in western Europe, where about half the population carries one of its many forms. Although its origins are unclear, the haplogroup rose to prominence during the Ice Age, when much of Europe was blanketed by glaciers and its population squeezed into a handful of ice-free refuges in Iberia, Italy, the Balkans and the Caucasus.”

Neandethal DNA?!

Apparently I am also part caveman  cavewoman but I guess all of us are right? But what does that even mean? According to 23andMe, there are several intriguing theories about what traits the smidgen of Neanderthal DNA may have imparted on modern humans, but we don’t know yet if having a little more than average Neanderthal DNA could explain why someone is extra brawny, short or boorish (what a lovely explanation). Those traits might just be regular human characteristics. At least I am less than 3%.


I am still digging through the results but the aforementioned findings were what stood out to me most. Overall I found this little genetic experiment to be very interesting and totally worth the $100. As the company grows so will the data related to my results and I am interested to see what new findings they will provide.

Want to try it out for yourself? You can buy the kit here.


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