How the Staples Social Media Team Won My Business For Life

A few weeks ago my husband was chasing my son around Staples while I picked up a few things. They both turned the corner and strolled down the aisle I was in with huge smiles on their faces. My son was wearing a backpack the size of his entire body and was cracking up as he proudly wore it running laps around me.

I tweeted a picture to @Staples and within a few minutes had someone from their social team reaching out to see if we bought the backpack for him. We hadn’t so they asked for our address to send it to him. When the box arrived we couldn’t believe what else was in it.

This small gesture not only won our business for life but also had such a positive impact beyond my immediate family. The video has nearly 500 views and my friends and family went nuts over how kind this was.

A huge thank you to Staples for being so good to us and to their social team for seeing an opportunity to surprise and delight my family. It is a good reminder that despite the ease of ordering things from Amazon, a business like this is worth getting out of the house and going to. Oh and BTW I found out not only does Staples PRICE MATCH Amazon but if you find a lower price they match it AND give an additional 10% off. Yes, instant purchase, awesome prices and a social media team that slays…#winning.

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