5 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Beach Bag

Sure you packed your sunnies, a few magazines, a plush towel and sunscreen but your beach bag isn’t truly complete without these 5 items.

A Wet Brush

My best friend Caitlin lives on the beach in Long Island so when she has a beach bag recommendation I know it is a good one. She raved about the wet brush and its painless detangling magic and it deserved every kind word. A few effortless strokes will take out the toughest tangles without any pain at all. I bought a two pack, a larger one for home for after I shower and a smaller one for the beach.


Cost: 2 for $14 Buy it Here

Aveda Hair and Scalp Sunblock

Have you ever had your scalp burn? Not only is it super painful but if you are unlucky and it peels it looks like you have dandruff. Sure you can try regular sunscreen but it is going to make your hair yucky. This 3.4 oz bottle is the perfect size bottle to throw in your bag and will ensure your scalp and hair is protected all day long. The spray lasts up to 16 hours and is lightweight and water resistant.


Price $28 Buy it From Nordstrom

Anker Charger

The beach drains my cell phone battery faster than a kid chasing an ice cream truck. The Anker charger is small but powerful and can recharge your phone battery up to 4 times. It also has multiple usb ports so you can share with a friend.



Cost: $60 $22 Buy it From Amazon

Wet Bathing Suit Bag


Sitting in a sandy wet bathing suit after a day at the beach is gross. Once you change and freshen up tossing your suit into a wet/dry bag will protect everything else from getting beach funk on it. I ordered this after soaking everything in my beach bag last weekend. Bonus: you can add your monogram to it!

Cost: On Sale $14 (+$9 for monogram)  Buy it From Pottery Barn Kids

Your Chapstick of Choice

download (4)

Every girl has her favorite chapstick (that eventually goes missing) and mine happens to be EOS lip balms. Although after hearing about their mold issue I have been extra careful about throwing out anything that looks suspicious. Whatever you choose to protect your lips be sure you don’t leave home without it.

Price 3 for $10 Buy it Here

Haven’t had a chance to hit the beach? You can still fake a tan for under $5 with these.

What are some of your beach bag must haves?

6 thoughts on “5 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Beach Bag

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I guess I’m doing okay. I have three out of the five items in my beach bag always. I have to get the phone charger! With no where to change on our beach and only living a block from the beach, I don’t need the wet bathing suit bag. So I’m doing really okay. The wet brush is amazing though!

    • LL says:

      MB You are the beach Queen. I imagine you have several hidden gems I have never heard of 🙂 The Phone charger is a must have on the beach (and anywhere else for that matter!) We are due for a beach day with you guys!

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