A Chat with Jay Baer About Social Media, Real Estate and Skyping with The Pope

Social Pros Podcast Social Media King Jay Baer

Lindsay listanski social mediaI first heard NYT best selling author Jay Baer speak about two years ago at a socialmedia.org event in Orlando and was drawn to his dynamic delivery as well as his no nonsense philosophy as it relates to social media, advertising and customer care. Plus he had one heck of a suit on.

We recently had an exchange on Twitter which led to an invitation to be a guest on his podcast Social Pros. Jay’s show is one of the top 5 most listened to podcasts in the social category. To be invited was such an honor and I couldn’t wait to share all the great things our team has been doing. We covered everything from Coldwell Banker’s leadership position in the smart home tech space to our use of 360 degree videos.

Jay and his co host Adam Brown were fantastic hosts and I had a great time speaking with them about how forward thinking our global network of 80,000 real estate agents are in the social space. I especially loved our final few minutes of the show discussing how Pope Francis has adopted social media into the way he delivers his message on a mass scale. You can listen to the show here:

Basketball Puppies Real Estate and Social Media

This week I was asked to present on Broadway in NYC for SocialMedia.Org.

11062044_798966268806_3007879069320261964_nI have been striving for this opportunity ever since the first time I attended one of their events nearly four years ago and was thrilled to share insight about Coldwell Banker’s Homes Best Friend Campaign.

SocialMedia.org Member Meetings are the most useful, efficient, and productive meetings for social media leaders at big brands. I am always amazed at not only sitting in the same room as people like me from companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola and Nike but also at how generous everyone is with sharing their best practices, advice and solutions to just about any question that a member has. Read more

Picture Perfect: 5 Awesome Photo Editing Apps

Want to up your photo game? From creating picture and video collages to overlaying two pictures to get a double exposure effect, these apps will have make you insta-famous in no time.

csColor Splash

Cost: $.99

When a filter just isn’t cutting it, Color Splash is the way to go. This app converts your photo to black and white and then allows you to choose which parts of the picture you want to pop with color.

bw Read more

Meerkat & Periscope: Lifestreaming Is Here to Stay

Untitled design (20)

Social live streaming is the hottest trend right now as Meerkat and Periscope battle it out for the top spot in this incredibly popular user generated broadcasting space.

I find the whole concept of live streaming our lives, aka “lifestreaming,” absolutely fascinating.

Give someone a smart phone and they have the opportunity to become reporters with a choice. They can choose to share intimate details of their life by sharing something like their child’s first steps or vacation. Or conversely, they can make the choice to take on the role of world reporter by broadcasting major news events like a riot or storm. With the emergence of Meerkat and Perscope, the opportunities to report and they way we do so are only getting more interesting.

First things first. What is the difference between Meerkat and Periscope?

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Agent Caffeine with Kelly Mitchell

peHzpufo_400x400Despite real estate being a global industry, it often feels small because of how easy networking has become with social media sites. For me, Twitter is where I have met incredibly smart, passionate and driven people from both the real estate industry and far beyond. This is especially true during industry events, which is where I met Kelly Mitchell, a sassy blonde with a passion for networking who is the founder of Caffeinator Media. While initially our relationship started with retweets and favorites by the end of the event we were chatting it up over wine in an exhibit hall. Read more