God Bless Joseph Jacob


“Baptism is the initial step of a faithful heart.” – Max Lucado

Our first major milestone in his life has come and gone in the blink of an eye! This weekend Joseph celebrated his first sacrament at our church as he became baptized. Baptism is such a beautiful sacrament. A child is born so innocent with a pure heart and once they receive this blessing a baby is as perfect as they will ever be in their life. Our hearts were filled with love and joy as we presented our son to God and our parish. We held our breath as he was blessed with holy water as he was sound asleep but he didn’t even make a peep and instead just opened his eyes and smiled. (Guessing all that practice during bath time paid off!)

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Our Pregnancy Reveal on America’s Funniest Home Videos


Back in the fall, when we first showed our pregnancy reveal video to our parents, people told us how hard they laughed seeing the pure excitement my parents had that day. Within a few weeks it was racking up tens of thousands of views so I decided to submit it to America’s Funniest Home videos. To my surprise, a few months later, I got a call from their producer saying they wanted to use the clip on the show! It aired this Sunday which happened to be the day of my bridal shower which was a pretty cool coincidence!

Here is the clip:

Opening Up About the Silent Heartache of Miscarriage

We are the1 in 8As we approach our four year anniversary I can say our marriage has never been stronger or filled with more love for one another despite going through the hardest time we have ever been through as husband and wife but not for the reasons I could have ever predicted.

This week we found out we lost our third pregnancy and I feel like the time has come to open up about it. It has been a year of trying to grow our family and a year of enduring the heartbreaking pain of getting that dream ripped away from us time after time after time. Read more

30 for 30: My Husband’s 30th Birthday Surprise

Wow. 30 Years Old. 

On November 9th, my husband will enter the 30th chapter of his life. It’s hard to believe that I have known him for almost a third of it.

I’ve been thinking of creative gifts ideas for months. After scouring Pinterest, I found top 30 lists, creative cakes, scavenger hunts and plenty of other orginal ideas but nothing seemed like the right fit. Read more

A Hello From Beyond

Do you believe in signs from beyond? We have all heard stories of “signs” from loved ones who passed on. Up until now I have always been a skeptic but after this experience I am a complete believer.

When we moved into our house last year we noticed a really pretty tree that my mother-in-law nicknamed “the healing tree.” None of us had any idea what type of tree it was as it had no flowers on it. Also, I am still not sure why she called it that but today it has a whole new meaning. We waited all spring for for the tree to bloom but nothing ever happened.

bobbyOn July 9th we lost my grandfather after months and months of watching him battle for his life. I spent my last visit in the hospital with him rubbing his head until he fell asleep. Knowing he passed away in his sleep during the night brought me peace but I was truly devestated that he was gone. As the oldest grandchild in my family I feel so fortunate for the years I had with him, for all the life events he was a part of and especially grateful to have the opportunity to dance in my wedding. I felt such sadness for all the younger grandkids that got robbed of these experiences.

When we returned home after saying goodbye at his final resting place my husband noticed that the tree we had always wondered about had one single white magnolia flower in full bloom. Read more