Live from the Academy Awards!

I have watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory dozens of times in my life and each time I think about how cool it would be to find a Golden Ticket. For me, getting the honor to represent my company at this year’s Academy Awards was my version of getting that Golden Ticket.


Ecstatic…grateful…appreciative…shocked…these are just a few of the countless words that I felt as I left my VP’s office after accepting his offer to go to this year’s Academy Awards to represent our brand for the launch of our amazing new commercial and campaign.

Despite exiting our limo in an absolute downpour the atmosphere was electric. The second our heels hit that red carpet we were blown away as our senses picked up the sound of fans in the stands screaming for their favorite celebrities, the sight of flashes from the paparazzi and A-List celebs strolling down the red carpet like it was their own personal fashion show and the feeling of what I can only describe as a once in a lifetime adrenaline rush.

As we walked toward the world famous Dolby Theater, that we happened to be at in October, we did what any 20 somethings would do…took selfies, watched for celebrities and did our best to soak up every millisecond of this absolutely surreal experience.



Before I left, I had a hard time choosing the right dress but in the end I went with this pink Aidan Mattox corset rosette dress and was so comfortable in it. Bonus…it had pockets which made it perfect for quick access to my phone through out the night!


Moments before entering the theater I got a text from a family friend “we just had to peel your mother off the ceiling when she saw you on the red carpet.”



When we got to our seats next to our rep from ABC he smiled and said, “do you know who that is in front of you?” We had no idea until he turned around. “That is the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak,” he said.

I have NEVER been so happy to have an iPhone. I tapped Steve on the shoulder, introduced myself and told him what an honor it was to be sitting with him for the show. Two minutes later we were taking selfies!

Steve Wozniak Academy awards

The stage and set changes were absolute stunning. Here is just one of my favorite shows from the night.



For me, the highlights of the show included Lady Gaga’s performance, hearing Common and John Legend’s inspirational rendition of Glory and last but not least seeing the debut of our commercial in the Dolby Theater. Oh and I don’t care what anyone says… Neil Patrick Harris knocked it out of the park as the host of the night despite my disdain for his racially charged and often distasteful attempts at joking about the nominees all being white.

Once the show was over we headed to the Governor’s Ball which was quite possibly even cooler than the actual show. Catered by Wolfgang Puck, this intimate soiree was a star studded and champagne filled event that was simply incredible.

We watched, completely intrigued, as A-listers like Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Neil Patrick Harris did post show interviews and then headed in walking past Wolfgang, John Stamos and even Jay Z and Beyonce.

Aside from delicious bubbly and tasty treats, we especially enjoyed the ALL CHOCOLATE dessert bar!




I can not say enough how absolutely honored I felt to have this experience. It was a real dream come true and a night in my life that I will always treasure.

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