iPhone 6…Meh

6Breaking up is hard to do…especially with your cell phone. However, my iPhone5S made the breakup easy. It decided to stop receiving texts from certain people, couldn’t hold a charge and just started acting plain bratty. Despite being unimpressed with the launch of the new iPhone I decided I might as well upgrade instead of getting a replacement.


Here are my thoughts so far…


Screen Size: I have child sized hands…seriously I do…so the iPhone6 Plus was simply out of the question simply because I don’t think I could even palm it. I do like the increased screen size on my 6 but think this is just about as big as I would want it or I’d feel like I was creeping up on Zack Morris phone status.

Design: This iPhone is thin and the upgraded look of the curves edges is a nice update. I opted for the gold option and look at it as another fashion accessary right up there with my gold bangles. (Hey it might as well be a bracelet because it rarely leaves my hands)


Camera: Really Apple? Not even a small upgrade? 8 mega pixels wasn’t cutting it before and it definitely isn’t cutting it now. Android phones are nearly double.

Fra-Gee-Lay: Like the leg lamp in the Christmas Story, this phone is fragile. I’m not sure if it is because of the thinner design or curved edges but this phone just feels like it can break on a single drop.


Battery Life: While I do see a small improvement I am still not getting through the entire day without having to be a slave to my charger. To be fair, as someone who manages social media for a brand I realize I use my phone WAY more than the typical user but still expected more with this upgrade.

Wish List for iPhone 6S/7

  • Make it water proof
  • Pull the trigger on a shatterproof screen
  • Give me a better battery. Can’t we use similar technology a calculator uses with light?

Did you get the iPhone 6? What are your thoughts so far?

PS: I discovered Best Buy matched Amazon pricing and saved nearly $15 on my new case!



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