#DisneyForNoelle – Donate a Dream

Be warned…what you are about to watch could be painful to the eyes and the ears but just know it’s for a very good cause.

OK you made it. Not that we got that out of the way we can get down to business and talk about an incredible girl who needs help.

noelleMeet Noelle, niece of my dear friend and colleague Renee. She appears to be your typical 12 year old tween sassily flipping her hair and taking selfies. But Noelle is special in so many ways. Though she was born with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a disease that robs people of physical strength by affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, taking away the ability to walk, eat, or even breathe – Noelle can sing like an angel! She defies the limitations of her diagnosis. She is OBSESSED with Disney and sings all of the movie songs like a true Disney Princess. Seriously, listen to this talented little girl sing…

Noelle’s dream is to go to Disney World with her brother who is also afflicted with SMA, her older sister Hope and her Mom who is raising her children on her own.

Remember the incredible Ice Bucket Challenge? Well Noelle’s aunt, my friend Renee, started the Disney Challenge which includes sharing videos of Disney songs with Noelle and donating to her Go Fund Me page. In less than a week it has started to go viral with over 20,000 YouTube views, nearly $10K in donations and media pick up from Z100 (NY’s #1 music station), 104.7 Kiss FM, and several other sites.

Feeling inspired? You can help Noelle to achieve her dream of going to Disney by donating here http://www.gofundme.com/disneyfornoelle and/or singing your own Disney song and uploading it onto YouTube with #DisneyforNoelle.

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