Picture Perfect: 5 Awesome Photo Editing Apps

Want to up your photo game? From creating picture and video collages to overlaying two pictures to get a double exposure effect, these apps will have make you insta-famous in no time.

csColor Splash

Cost: $.99

When a filter just isn’t cutting it, Color Splash is the way to go. This app converts your photo to black and white and then allows you to choose which parts of the picture you want to pop with color.


Cost: $.99

Can’t decide on just one photo to share? Then don’t! Creating a collage with the Diptic app is really easy and so is exporting it to your favorite social network.



Cost: Free

Looking to take picture collage to a whole new level for your gram fans? Clipstitch is a free app that will allow you to combine pictures and videos.

We use this clipstitch a lot at work. Here is one of our Home of the Week video teasers we created for Meg Ryan’s former home.


Cost: Free

Is your selfie for Instagram just too perfect to crop? Upload your entire photo without having to cut anything out with Instasize. This app also lets you add cool borders to your pictures.


pbPhotoblend Pro

Cost: $1.99

Up until now you had to have some pretty sick camera skills to create a picture with a double exposure affect. Photoblend Pro allows you to blend two images with ease.



Have a favorite app you would like to share? Please comment below or tweet to me.


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