App of the Month: Gyft

There is a black hole in my home. I am convinced of it. It sucks up things like chapstick, socks, hair ties and bobby pins. Sometimes it even pulls in more expensive things like gift cards and once they enter they rarely return.


If you are like me chances are you absolutely love getting gift cards. The second you receive one you starting thinking about all the great things you are going to buy with it. Then you slip it into your wallet so that you can use it next time you are at the store. For most people, this is what happens next:

A few months go by and you get tired of your wallet being overcrowded so you take out a few gift cards and squirrel them away until you plan to use them.

At this point three things could happen:
1) Your gift card is sucked up into the black hole that steals socks/chapticks/etc. and will probably never be seen again.
2) You go to use your gift card at the store only to remember you took it out of your wallet. You curse under your breath and grit you teeth as you pull out your credit card to pay for the item.
3) You leave the aforementioned store…drive home… and either find the gift card and return to the store or accept the fact that #1 has happened once again and vow to keep better track of your gift cards going forward.

gyftSound familiar? Skip the frustration by downloading my app of the month. It is called GYFT. Gyft is a  mobile gift card app where you can easily upload, buy, send, and redeem gift cards in stores or online.

Check out this 30 second video to get the scoop:

Not only can this app keep track of your gift cards but you can also use the card without actually having it with you at a store because the bar code is scanned into your phone. Bonus: You can also send gift cards to friends and family. (Perfect for moments when you left buying a gift for someone to the very last minute) I am not a bitcoin person but if you are they even accept bitcoin as payment!

Thanks to Gyft I will no longer be part of the 30%* of people who let gift cards go unredeemed. So next time you get a gift card from someone, play your cards right and upload it into the Gyft app.

*via CBS News


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