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4676790632_89d5763a2fYou know the saying “there’s an app for that?” Of course you do. I am sure you have a favorite for everything from checking the weather to finding a great deal, but do you have one for your personal safety?

Last year, right around the holidays, The Mall at Short Hills had one of the most horrific carjackings I have ever heard of. Sadly four men tried to steal a Range Rover and killed a young man in the process. I wanted to believe it was a rare occurrence but when I looked up some stats online I discovered that One in Three women in America will be attacked in her lifetime and One in Four rapes take place in a public area or parking garage. (

Those statistics are downright terrifying.

As the holidays approach I urge you to consider adding a personal safety app to your phone as I can almost guarantee you will find yourself late night holiday shopping. Here is a review of my favorite:

Watch Over Me


The app description says it best, “If you’ve ever called a friend or family member while walking alone through an alley just so “someone will know where you are”, this is the app for you.” Watch Over Me, which is free*, is my go to app for when I am walking to and from my car in a parking garage.

(*there are upgrade options available on this app)

When you are ready to use the app you can select the amount of time you want to be watched over. You can then choose how long you want to set the “watch over me” timer. Once you are safe you can click the “I’m Safe” button and it turns off the countdown. If you fail to click the button it will automatically send a text to your loved one (I have my mom and husband as contacts) with your location on a map and a video from your phone.

If you sense you are in trouble all you have to do is shake your phone. The app will sound an alarm, take a video of what’s going on, and send your location to your loved one.

Watch Over Me recently added a new alert system for when you are in areas known for high crime rates. I am a big fan of this app and sure you will be too.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!





Parking lot via Flickr missourisphotographer


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