The Best Gift I Ever Gave My Husband

Never pass a chance to say I love you to the people you care about, because we aren’t promised tomorrow.

bookI was recently chatting with a friend about what makes a great marriage. To me, it’s not about the highest highs, which are of course great, but rather the consistency of being with someone you know you can count on, who you know will always be loyal and who genuinely makes each day of your life better because they are part of it.

Having that type of relationship is one of the greatest luxuries in life and I feel so blessed to have that with my husband. And while sometimes it becomes easy to go through the motions and get comfortable when you are in a relationship like this it is important to remind yourself and your significant other that you are grateful for the comfort and normalcy you bring to one another’s life.

This is what inspired me for the greatest gift I ever gave my husband. I wanted Joe to know that each day of our marriage, from the day we said I do, I have been praying for him and for his success, health and dreams. I have been admiring him for his talents, personality and for everything that he is. That I just absolutely adore and love him and feel proud to be his wife. To show this to him I started a book that I wrote in every single say of the first year of our marriage. For each day of the week I had a theme from a word describing him to a dream I have for our future and even included pictures from all of our favorite memories. It became a hybrid of a journal and scrapbook. When I realized that the one year anniversary gift is traditionally paper I was extra excited to have created such a perfect present.

On 9/10/12, our one year anniversary, I gave it to him and told him how I had been writing every day for the past year of our marriage and that for each day of the upcoming year he could read one entry from that day one year ago.


He absolutely loved it. He was so touched and enjoyed reading an entry each night before bed. Some night’s he couldn’t resist reading ahead. In fact, he loved it so much that on our two year anniversary pouted when he found out that there wasn’t a two year anniversary journal waiting for him. I think I may have to bring back the journal for our next milestone, five years.

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