How to Make DIY Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

DIY Gender Reveal Scratch Off Card When you feel like your baby is hitting the family lottery because of all the love they get even before they are born then it is only appropriate to have DIY gender reveal scratch off cards at their gender reveal party. These were REALLY easy to make and it was fun getting the whole family involved. Don’t forget to collect everyone’s guesses before you play!

Wives Tales Gender Prediction Chalkboard

Here is what you need to make the gender reveal scratch offs :

  • 1 Small Bottle of Liquid Dish Detergent ( I used palmolive)
  • 1 Small Bottle of Acrylic Paint (any color)
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Cards You Are Using to Scratch Off

First you will need to make your scratch off cards. You can pick a theme like Little Man or Little Miss, Ties or Tutus, Prince or Princess…whatever makes sense for you. I created mine using and then got them printed on card stock paper at Staples. Print some extras for any mistakes and try to fit two cards onto one sheet so you save a little money. You will need three versions:

2 Girls 1 Boy, 2 Boys 1 Girl and the winning ticket 3 Boys or 3 Girls {Helpful tip..# the back of the cards to ensure you have the winning ticket in your final pile of cards. We picked 5 for the winner since we are due on June 5th}

DIY Scratch off lotto tickets

Cover the areas that will be scratched off with a strip of tape like this:


Once all your cards are taped it is time to mix your paint and liquid dish detergent. Traditionally these tickets have silver paint but since our polka dots were gold I wanted to stay with the theme. Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part dish detergent into a throwaway plastic cup and paint a line over the words that need to be covered. I painted it on pretty thick and ended up only needing one layer but you may need to do two or three coats. Pay close attention to the start of each brush stroke. I had to go back and do some touch ups at the edge of the some of the words.


Let them dry for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then test one out!


Another helpful tip, don’t forget to bring a roll of pennies for your guests! That’s it!

Here is a look at my family scratching off their tickets. We can’t wait for our baby boy to get here!

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