37 Weeks Pregnant and a Midnight False Alarm

37 weeks pregnant and we thought we might be meeting our little guy on Thursday but it was a false alarm!

37 weeks pregnant

Two nights ago I woke up with a terrible pain in my right side. I had just been at the doctor in the morning and everything was fine so I wasn’t overly concerned but within 20 minutes the pain started to wrap across my belly and into my back. I woke up Joe and we walked around the house for another 30 minutes. It was getting stronger so we called the doctor and she said to head in to the hospital to get checked since he is breech. By the time I got to the hospital the cramping was getting stronger and coming faster. I thought it might be braxton hicks but remember learning that they weren’t usually too painful and that they are irregular. These hurt and they were coming in pretty regular. They hooked me up to a monitor and said the baby’s hearbeat was great but that I was having strong contractions that were about a minute apart. Wait..a minute apart? Seriously? Joe and I were stunned.

The doctor said tonight might be the night you meet your son…let’s do a check. To his surprise I wasn’t dilated at all. Really…nothing? This was false labor? Yikes! We stayed at the hospital for another three hours and the contractions continued but gradually become a little less painful. We headed home, I took some Tylenol and did my best to sleep through the night. It was a heck of an experience and I felt silly going but it’s of course better to be safe than sorry! Feeling like we were so close to meeting him made it so exciting and I can’t wait for his birthday to finally be here! Joe took a video of the monitor to remember the night…

Here what else was up in week 37:

Symptoms: Aside from the braxton hicks the only new thing this week was pain in my mouth. I thought I had a cavity but the dentist said I have swelling in my gums which is typical for pregnancy and something that will go away about 2 weeks after I deliver.

Weight Gain: I gained four pounds in a week! Ugh! The doctor thinks I am retaining water based on the way my ankles and feet look.

Cravings: None this week. I can barely eat a full meal at this point I am just so full!

Hoping week 38 will be smooth sailing!

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