36 Weeks Pregnant and Grandma Suzy Has Gone Viral!

Hello 9 months! I can’t believe how fast time is flying!

36 weeks baby bump

This week I got to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day, although I don’t really feel like a true mom yet. Joe made me a really special breakfast party and gave me the sweetest card and gifts. I just can’t wait to officially be a mom and can’t believe how soon it will be.


After our pregnancy reveal video aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos I suddenly started seeing it everywhere! It was on Mashable, The Today Show, Fox, Kathy Lee & Hoda and so many more places! On top of that, my company decided to use the clip in their latest ad campaign about Awesomeness at home so it is now a commercial on TV and online! I can’t wait to tell our son about it one day!

Here is what was going on in week 36:

Symptoms:  My feet are HUGE and I am calling my ankles scankles (swollen cankles). They are so bad that my dr has decided as of Monday I am finished with work until I deliver. At this point I need to rest and if I do go into labor I need to get to the hospital relatively quickly since I will need to have a C section. Aside from my “Flinstone Feet” I’m noticing my hips and legs getting more and more sore throughout the night and early morning. When I get out of bed I look like an old woman the first few steps! I still have great energy and apparently he does too from all his movements despite his very cramped apartment. Trips to the bathroom are laughable at night…almost every 2-3 hours and Rory escorts me every trip. What a guy 🙂 The Dr. said he is still breech and that his butt is engaged so I don’t think he will be doing any flips.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 28 pounds.

Cravings:Had to have strawberry ice cream this week.

I am so eager for our next dr. appointment to see if anything is moving along or if his birthday will definitely be June 1st! Either way we are definitely ready!

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