29 Weeks Pregnant and Our Last Holiday Before He Arrives

Last week in the 20s already?! We celebrated Easter this week and it was so weird thinking about this being our last holiday as a family of 2 (3 if you count our Rory).

29 weeks pregnant

This week I went on a little maternity dress shopping spree on Pink Blush. I did pretty well and found the dress above that I wore on Easter Sunday. This week was pretty low key except I had a great visit with my best friend from college and love this pic from our time together.


Here is what was up in week 29:

Symptoms: I am pretty sure this kid has a future in MMA fighting because he has been giving me some serious kicks and punches this week! Also this week I am starting to get a very itchy belly. I’ve been doing my best to resist the urge to scratch and have been using a ton of Palmer’s lotion. I have been on the lookout for the linea negra to show up but still nothing.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 18 pounds. I had quite a few people tell me wow you’re really pregnant so I guess the weight is showing haha.

Cravings: I may have had chocolate froyo more than once this week 🙂


Next week is a huge week for us with two dr. appointments and parenting class starting!

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