28 Weeks and Heading Into the Home Stretch!

Hello Third Trimester! This week me, the bump and the little boy took our second trip of the year to Vegas.


I was a little bit nervous about flying but it went surprisingly smooth. This was my last business trip until his arrival and it feels good to get a little break from traveling. A funny story to share from my trip…

Joe bought me a few dresses that I was really excited to wear so I decided to bring them with me to Vegas. I absolutely loved both of them. At the conference, one of the presenters who I hadn’t seen in months saw me while he was on the main stage and congratulated me on being pregnant…and then proceeded to ask me (while speaking into his microphone in front of the 400 event attendees) if I was having twins. All  you could hear was a collective roar of “oooh nooo he didn’t.” Needless to say I will probably be retiring those dresses and sticking with salad in week 29! (Kidding, I laughed it off) Here is the dress as well as a pic of me and my giant coworkers who make me look like a dwarf!


Here is what was up in week 28:

Symptoms: Still getting aches and pains in my legs in bed at night. Also, my feet and ankles were HUGE in Vegas. I had the doctor check them though and she just said plenty of rest and relaxation this weekend. (easier said than done!) I don’t want to jinx myself but I am pretty pleased that my innie hasn’t become an outie (yet) and that there is still no sign of any stretch marks! I have been piling on the Palmer’s Cocoa Cocoa Lotion and Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 17 pounds but to be fair my diet in Vegas consisted of pancakes in the morning and burgers and ice cream at night…gotta love traveling with the boys.

Cravings: I was totally in the mood for jolly ranchers this week but never ended up finding them.

I got an incredibly sweet surprise when I got home from my business trip this week. A group of social media friends from around the country sent Joe and I the stroller we put on our registry. We were so touched by their thoughtfulness and generosity. My heart is overjoyed with how much love our growing family is receiving. The baby’s room is now painted and we are waiting for his furniture to be delivered. I started hanging his clothes in his closet and my heart was melting thinking about dressing him up in each little piece. So excited to be in the home stretch and looking forward to all the great things that will be happening over the next few months leading up to his arrival.

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