27 Weeks Pregnant and A Surprise Ultrasound

The last week of the 2nd trimester was a great one! We had an appointment Monday night and our dr, who I absolutely adore, surprised us with an ultrasound so we could get a glimpse of our little guy! It totally make our week. As you can see from my lack of makeup I am already totally nailing the “tired mom” look.

27 weeks pregnant belly bump and chalkboard

As usual, our guy is measuring a little ahead! All of our pregnancy apps say he should be around 2 pounds but our doctor measured him at 2lbs and 7oz already and placed him in the 68th percentile for growth. Will he make an appearance in May instead of June? (I hope so!) Everything looks great and we got a really cool profile shot of him. We are so head over heels in love with him already.

27 week ultrasound

This week was REALLY busy! We got a new car, started the nursery and my mom and I ordered my baby shower invitations from a beautiful shop on Etsy. So much to do before he gets here but it feels good to get the ball rolling.

Here is what was going on in week 27:

Symptoms: Getting crazy aches and pains in my legs in bed at night but as soon as I walk around they go away. Other than that I am popping tums like they are candy for indigestion. I have to say the berry flavor is pretty delicious! We got our results from last week’s glucose and I passed but bloodwork showed that my iron is too low so I am starting a feosol supplement to get the numbers back up.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 15 pounds.

Cravings: None. However, my amazing neighbor brought over a huge bag of fresh mandarins and I have been enjoying them SO much!!

I am heading to Vegas next week and looking forward to entering my third trimester!

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