25 Weeks Pregnant and Into Single Digits!

99 days to go?! Oh my goodness is time flying! My 25th week of pregnancy was super exciting because we ordered his bedroom furniture this week. Joe and I are so grateful to our parents who are giving us his crib and dresser from Bellini as our baby shower gift. I can’t wait until it all arrives!
25 Weeks Pregnant

Here is what was up in week 25:

Symptoms: Indigestion at night has become the norm and I have had some really wild dreams this week. Our little guy’s kicks are getting more powerful!

Weight Gain: Up a total of 11 pounds!

Cravings: Nothing crazy this week. Still obsessed with the new waffle maker my mother-in-law got me for my birthday and have been loving chocolate chip waffles as a breakfast treat.

Now that we are in the single digit countdown I feel like it is really time to get moving with getting the house ready for his arrival. From picking paint to getting his closet ready I have been enjoying every single second of the early stages of nesting.

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