23 Weeks Pregnant and Celebrating 29 Years

23 weeks pregnant and it is my birthday week! I’m celebrating my very first 29th birthday ūüėČ I have a feeling this will be the best year yet.

23 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

We had our¬†23 week appointment with our doctor Monday and everything is looking great. The baby’s heartbeat is consistently in the 140s and everything else is going really well. We brought up this whole Zika epidemic and our doctor shared how¬†scary the details of this horrible disease¬†really are. I am so happy we don’t have any travel plans and that is it too cold for mosquitoes to be out right now. This week our little bunch of grapes made us laugh when Joe had his ear on my belly and told me it sounds like there is a village in my stomach. A few seconds later and the baby landed a swift kick to the side of his face. We were cracking up!

Here is what was up in week 23:

Symptoms: Nothing really new this week except I am still having really crazy dreams. Some of them are funny, some are scary and some are just off the wall weird.

Weight Gain:¬†Ok so this week I don’t think it was a fair assessment because I weighed in the day AFTER Super Bowl Sunday but I will share anyway. This week total weight gain equals 8 pounds.

Cravings: None this week…probably because I had more than my fair share of birthday treats¬†during the week.

Celebrating my birthday was a perfect day from start to finish. My co-workers had a breakfast party with bagels and donuts, we had a team lunch at my favorite deli and we spent the night with my parents at my favorite restaurant in Millburn, La Pergola. Yes, a lot of eating but also lots of laughing and just an overall perfect day. As usual I felt overwhelmed with love and happiness from all of my family and friend’s birthday wishes and just can’t believe how lucky I truly am to have such a happy life.



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