22 Weeks Pregnant and Possibly a Name!

773fac31938589d761de9634b476cd6c22 weeks pregnant and according to the internet (and this chart from Primer Magazine)¬†I am starting my sixth month of pregnancy but according to everything I have learned about math in my life that doesn’t make sense so I will continue to go by weeks to not confuse myself or others ūüôā

Regardless of what month I am in I can say that the second trimester continues to be amazing. I feel so good and each day we are overjoyed with anticipation waiting for our guy to get here.

22 weeks pregnancy chalkboard

This week we spent a lot of time at Babies R Us learning about car seats, strollers and all the different feeding options.¬†We are also continuing to learn a ton from the¬†Heading Home With ¬†Your Newborn¬†book Joe’s mom gave us. The best thing that happened this week…I THINK WE FINALLY ¬†HAVE A NAME! For now we are both on the same page so we will see if it sticks over the next couple of weeks.

Here is what was up in week 22:

Symptoms:¬†Incredibly vivid dreams almost every night and some of them are SO weird. This week I had a dream that there was a raccoon in our house trying on the baby’s clothes. I have also had crazy acid reflux that is making going to sleep less than fun. On the positive side the baby is really starting to kick more and Joe and I love seeing my belly moving up and down.

Weight Gain:¬†Packing it on a little faster now! I am up a total of 7 pounds but have been going to the gym much more regularly. I’ve really been enjoying my Zumba classes.

Cravings:¬†I wouldn’t say it is a craving but red¬†licorice is a favorite this week. Also, breakfast for dinner has become a go to for me. This week I was feeling waffles and eggs.


We have our next appointment Monday. Hoping it won’t be the one where I have to do glucose testing..so yucky!


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