15 Weeks Pregnant & Baby is the Size of an Avocado

We had SO much fun at our gender reveal party this weekend celebrating the news of our Little Man! This week he is the size of an avocado so to celebrate I made sure to have some guac. (Wait…is that weird?)
15 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

We had a great appointment today! I weighed in and gave blood for the Spina Bifida test which tests for a neural tube defect. After that the doctor came in to chat and use a handheld doppler to check the baby’s heartbeat which was in the 140s. We weren’t supposed to receive an ultrasound this week but because I looked like I was about to cry when I heard that (not sure if it was pure disappointment of not getting a glimpse of our boy or the hormones) so our doctor who is the absolute best squeezed up in for a quick look. I found out this week that you get a much clearer picture if they do the ultrasound when you have a full bladder. Good tip for first time moms!

Here is a run down of week 15:

Symptoms: Less sleepy but more bad headaches and pains in my shoulders and neck. I really can’t wait for them to go away but heating pads have helped a bit.

Weight Gain: Still down 2 pounds since I got pregnant which is funny to me since there is definitely a little bump starting to pop. Hey, totally not complaining!

Cravings: Woke up in the middle of the night really wanting Swedish Fish. (only the red kind of course)

Now that we have announced the gender let the games begin..the name games that is! Right now I am stuck in the J’s with my favorites including Jordan, Jacob and of course, Joe. Some of our family favorites include Cooper and Luke.

Our next appointment is January 11th and I can’t wait to wind down and relax as the holidays approach.

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