14 Weeks Pregnant & It’s a BOY!

We have officially entered the second trimester at 14 weeks pregnant and on top of that we opened up the results of our Harmony Test which we are so grateful came back indicating our baby is healthy. A major bonus of this test is that we also found out the gender and we are having a little BOY!
14 weeks pregnant baby bumpOur little lemon is rapidly growing and is about 3 1/2 inches this week but I swear from the way I look he has to already be the size of at least a grapefruit! This was totally the “well hello there” bump week. I think this dress which I found at Destination Maternity  makes it look bigger than it actually is.

We are overjoyed about the news of our little guy and after everything we have been through in the past year couldn’t be more relieved to know that he is healthy so far.

Here is a run down of week 14:

Symptoms: Feeling WAY more energetic than I have in the past few weeks but starting to get headaches and pains in my shoulders and neck almost daily. Our doctor said it is totally normal around this time and that Tylenol is safe but I am trying to avoid taking anything as much as I can. Oh also holy heartburn! It feels like everything I eat is giving me agita!


Weight Gain: Down 2 pounds since I got pregnant.

Cravings: None this week but feeling super thirsty!

We are having a gender reveal party with our family this weekend and we can’t wait to share the news. Our next appointment is Monday and we can’t wait to see him!

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