3 Insanely Fun Bachelorette Party Games

As my best friend’s MOH I take my party planning responsibilities very seriously so when I found out we’d be renting a house for a weekend in Long Island I knew I had to come up with some awesome game ideas for the first night where we stayed in. Here is what we played…
bachelorette party games

Bachelorette Party Jeopardy | Inspired by Posh Meets Pavement

This game took quite a bit of prep work but it was totally worth it because it was by far the most fun game I have ever played at a Bachelorette Party. It got everyone involved and had us giggling like crazy. To make it extra interesting we turned it into a drinking game with every card # representing a penalty. Each girl took a turn being a host and we rotated by hosting one question at a time.When our bride to be got a question wrong she would have to drink and when she got it right the host of that question had to drink. We especially loved the champagne jello shots (recipe here) and boozy fish (vodka soaked swedish fish).

Bachelorette Party Jeopardy


Here are the categories and questions I asked her fiance to fill out for the game. Some of his answers had us crying with laughter. Ex. What was his first car? “Chrysler Sebring Convertible…I looked like Fred Flintstone’s pet dinosaur with my head poking out of the top.”

Bachelorette Jeopardy Questions

Porn or Polish | Inspired by Sandys Signatures

Have you ever wondered how nail polish is named? Well for Essie the secret is revealed in this post. From sweet names like strut your self to funny names like hi maintenance, half the fun of picking out a color at the salon is reading the name on the bottom of the bottle. In this bachelorette game you turn your eye to some of the more scandalous polish names like Size Matters and Under 18 and mix in names of adult films to see who can figure out which is which. We handed out paper plates and wrote porn on one side and polish on the other and went down the list and had the girls hold up which they thought each number was. Needless to say we were shocked at how filthy some of these nail polish names are!


Answer Key:


Drop Your Panties

Our last and final game was a gift to our bride. Each girl brought panties in her size and wrote a poem that went with each pair. We hung up each pair and put them on display. Our bride then had to guess who bought each pair based on their poem. (Unfortunately some of the girls forgot their poems so this made it much harder but also funnier for her to guess)


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