The Best Brownie Mix EVER

847909bThe best brownies aren’t made from scratch. In fact, they come right out of a box! But don’t take my word for it, trust my family, friends and coworkers who fight for the last brownie during parties and events. Or even better, the ones I catch smuggling brownies home for their kids and families. (I love when this happens)

I have been using Ghirardelli Brownie Mix for years and haven’t had one unsatisfied taster to date. The secret is to go for the Triple Chocolate mix. I usually stock up on these boxes at Costco. ┬áThese brownies are downright sinful. They are soft, sweet, and truly decadent…not exactly what you would expect from a box mix but hey, it’s Ghiradelli!






What other “out of the box” baked good have impressed you?


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