Goodbye Pasta and Hello Zoodles

zConfession: I have a love/hate relationship with carbs. As much as I love them I know that I overdo the amount I eat. When I heard a coworker talking about the new food craze Zoodles I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself. Wondering “what are zoodles?” They are spiralized zucchini that look like noodles.

I admit, I wasn’t sure if a spiralized vegetable could replaced my beloved spaghetti but after crunching into my first few bites I was sold.

Zoodles are DELISH! They are light but crunchy with a texture that tricks the mind to look past the fact that they are not actually spaghetti. In addition to being tasty they are one of the easiest foods I have ever cooked. From the time they hit the pan to the plate is only about 5 minutes, which means they are perfect on a work night.


1509029_781876357126_5738766958962994128_nThere are endless sauces and toppings for zoodles but I have been starting the process by heating up a little olive oil and sprinkling salt, pepper and garlic salt to get them going. From there, you can add things like marinara sauce, teriyaki, or even throw them into a soup. Like other veggies they shrink in size so don’t be afraid to spriralize an extra vegetable or two. I intend to eat Zoodles at least once a week and I started this Pinterest board with some of my favorite ideas. Oh an did I mention they are man approved? Yup, even my husband loves them.

So as you can see I am absolutely zany for zoodles. If you want to jump on the spiralizing bandwagon you can buy one here. Next up, exploring other veggies that can be spiralized like carrots, sweet potatoes, and summer squash. Have a great recipe? Please share it below.


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