Halloween at HomeGoods for The Win

pinHave you ever pinned a DIY project on Pinterest with every intention of creating something amazing but watched it slowly collect virtual dust month after month only to realize you may have been a little over ambitious?

Of course you have. We all do it.

I had one of these moments when I stumbled across a Halloween advent calendar from Corner House. Laura’s project is super cute and seemed relatively easy to make but I just didn’t have the time to get this project done. I filed it into my “maybe next year” projects.


Cute, right?

On my millionth trip to HomeGoods this month I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a nearly identical sign nestled away on a clearance shelf!


Ready for the best part? It was only $25! I was so excited to find this and felt the price was totally worth the time I saved.

I also found scary good prices on skull decorations.

skullsMy next stop…Target! Have you seen how cute their Halloween collection is this year?



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