A Special Valentine’s Day Random Act of Kindness

“I don’t know any of your names but I all know your faces”

How many people do we cross paths with each week at work, the grocery store or in the case I am about to share the gym? Sometimes you may exchange a casual smile or a friendly glance  and others times you may just go about your business. On Monday, a man who has been in my Zumba class for the past year reminded me how a simple gesture to the ones around us, even nameless strangers, can make a big impact.

valentine's surprise

Albert (I didn’t know his name until Monday night) is someone who gives his all in each class but as he mentioned in his speech below “when you girls go South I go North.”  Seeing him dance makes us giggle but we all give him credit for the effort he puts it.

Like any normal Monday I walked into class (growing baby bump and all) and noticed 2 vases filled with red roses. Everyone was wondering why they were there and it wasn’t until the end of class that we found out they were actually for us. He made a beautiful speech and had us all exchange our rose with one other person in class that we wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to. It was such a sweet random act of kindness that reminded me how the simple things are often the most meaningful…no matter who they come from.

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