Happy Grandparent’s Day {Gift Idea}

Call it lack of sleep or maybe just a first time parent learning curve but I totally dropped the ball last year for grandparent’s day. Joseph was about 3 months old and my parents had gone above and beyond to welcome us into the world of parenting from the moment Joseph was born. I felt terrible I missed it and wanted to make sure I was prepared this year.

JoJo has been really into artwork lately enjoying everything from finger painting to coloring. I decided to print out I LOVE YOU on my cricut and taped the letters down on a white sheet of card stock paper. I then poured Crayola Kid Safe paint in purple, blue, teal and white all over the page and let Joseph go to town. He was COVERED by the end of it but the product was well worth the mess.

My parents were thrilled and now I want to make one for our house! This is such a great custom gift perfect for any occasion! I think I may make one with a favorite song quote or maybe his name. What words, quote or song lyrics would you do this with?

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