Red Bank’s YESTERcades Is a Gamer’s Dream Come True

Aside from when we are down the shore on the boardwalk, it is pretty rare to see a video arcade. I guess it’s partly because of the emergence of mobile games or maybe kids today look at video arcade games the way I would look at a phone with a cord. Whatever the case may be I think it is safe to say arcades seem like they are a dying breed which is why discovering YESTERcades in Red Bank, NJ this past weekend was such a treat.

Yestercades Arcade

As soon as we walked in our eyes darted from one machine to the next and as 80s kids we were overwhelmed with an exciting sense of nostalgia. The sounds of all the games reminded me of a casino but for your inner child where the jackpot is achieving a high score.

The people at the front desk who were super friendly to us slapped some bracelets on our wrists and explained that there would be no quarters needed as all the games are set on free play (how genius) and that they charge $8.75 an hour.

11665690_810395704126_5987165049933968702_nThe ten year olds in us were out in full force as we ran around looking for two of our all time favorites Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons. We were so psyched when we found both but had to battle it out over who would be able to play as Leonardo and Bart. Bottom line…I always beat him in rocks, paper, scissors. 🙂

YESTERcades has ALL of the classics and an incredible variety of gaming systems. Not only do they have the old school games like Frogger, Ms. Pacman, Burger Time and Dig Dug but they also have  home consoles like N64, Sega, Nintendo, Super Nintendo PS2, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox One, Game Cube and even Atari. Yes..quite a long impressive list. And don’t think they forgot about all you pinball wizards out there! You will totally dig their row of nearly 20 machines ranging from The Addams Family to Sopranos!


We especially enjoyed playing NBA Jam, Police Trainer, Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart. And for someone looking to give their gaming digits a break they have other fun ways to pass time with a friend like pool, air hockey and even checkers.


Check out their full list of old school arcade and pinball games!

Oh and just when we thought this place couldn’t get any cooler we spotted the BYOB sign! Yes, video games and beer, what a perfect date night!

11707646_810395913706_176528470013629468_nIf you are looking for a night out for the family, a cool date spot or even a place to host a party YESTERcades is fun for everyone at an affordable price. Check them out at 80 Broad St in
Red Bank, NJ.

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