How To Freeze Time at Your Next Big Event

While you might not REALLY be able to freeze time just quite yet, you can certainly capture a fun moment in time in a cool and special way. Enter 360 photo booths.

I have seen these before on TV during red carpet preshows on Award shows but finally got to experience the fun of one in Vegas while my team explored the floors of the consumer electronics show. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip.

This week, while in Chicago, my company rented one and branded it for our Generation Blue Experience and we had a blast playing with it.

My boss > Yours #Genblue

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Yes that is me and my boss…what can I say…I pack a mean punch 🙂 I even got to try it out with my mom which you can see below! (What a special way to remember our trip together!)


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If I could I would totally go back to my wedding and have this for our guests. Can you imagine how much fun that would have been and how gorgeous the pictures of our family and friends would have been!?

Want to check one out for your event? Click here.

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