A Week in Hollywood: American Horror, Jane Lynch and No Lines

Each year my company hosts a global event called Gen Blue. To sum it up in one word, it’s epic. This year we headed to Hollywood and it was an incredible week.

The Roosevelt Hotel

My group stayed at the Roosevelt hotel. Yup, the one that’s haunted. My room was on the 9th floor. Yup, that’s the floor that’s haunted by Montgomery Clift. I am happy to say I had no meet and greets with any ghosts but I did have a fabulous stay.

I love everything about this hotel from the rooms, to the food, to the staff who went above and beyond to be friendly. Breakfast at 25 degrees was a treat each morning. I highly reccomend their egg white omelettes with avocado! I also suggest trying the Kale Salad with currants and pine nuts for lunch or dinner. I ended up eating it three times during my stay and was so psyched to find the recipe posted here.


The American Horror Story Freakshow Premiere

I’m not sure how my good karma bank got so full this week but I was thanking my lucky stars when I found out that the American Horror Story Freakshow Premiere party would be at my hotel. When I asked the security guys I had been chatting with if there was any chance hotel guests could get in they laughed and said no way but you can try to sneak in. I figured running into any of the casts members would be a long shot but hung out in the lobby to try my luck. And as luck may have it Kathy Bates walked right by me followed by Evan Peters and Emma Roberts. Now I am NOT one to get star struck but as an AHS super fan I have to say it was pretty cool.

I wandered over to the pool where they were having their party and saw a familiar face when I walked past the security guards. I said hello and he scooted me past the velvet ropes and I was in. OH MY GOD I WAS IN. I couldn’t believe it. The party was amazing and the cast couldn’t have been nicer.





A Night at Dolby Theater

Our opening night was held at the world famous Dolby Theater. Our Senior Executives crushed their presentations and the atmosphere was electric. For me, the highlight was seeing George Dennehy perform. (Incredibly Inspiring!)



Hollywood Game Night with Jane Lynch

I was selected to play Hollywood Game Night with Jane Lynch at our event. I made it to the final round but got knocked out on a Golden Girls trivia question. Damn you Betty White! Three Words to describe Jane….Hilarious, Professional, Kind. Jane was so down to Earth and super nice to our group. We had a great time on stage with her and I really hope we can work with her again in the future.


Hey Jane can we take a selfie?



NO LINES at Universal Studios

Our final night closing party was at Universal Theaters. Coldwell Banker shut down the ENTIRE park for us. No Lines, Unlimited Rides and So Much Fun. My group rode The Mummy back to back three times.


I definitely have a spot for LA in my heart but this East Coast girl was happy to head back to NJ after a long, eventful and memorable week.


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