A (Kind Of) Romantic Getaway to Cabo San Lucas

The sun is hot, the drinks are cold and the beaches are beautiful. That’s right, I’m talking about heading down South to Mexico. Thinking of vacationing in Cabo San Lucas? Here are some travel tips from our kind of awesome and kind of terrible (you’ll understand soon enough) experience.

Our Hotel in Los Cabos

We stayed at The Grand Mayan.

The front desk staff was incredibly kind to us once they heard it was our anniversary. In fact, when we got to our room we were surprised and delighted to learn they had upgraded us to a beautiful suite! Here is a look at our room… roomDespite having a great room we ended up spending a ton of time on our balcony. With our own private plunge pool and a view like this can you blame us?


And when we weren’t enjoying our balcony we were soaking up the sun and sipping ice cold drinks in their gigantic pool which edged up right to their beach.


Although their beach was pretty we didn’t spend much time on it because there was a hurricane rolling in the week we were there and the ocean was insanely rough for most of our stay. You can kind of tell from this picture. We are pool people though so it didn’t bother us.



After our week stay at The Grand Mayan here were our thoughts…

Good News and Bad NewsLet’s go bad first. (and I mean reallllly bad)

By now you may be wondering why it was a “kind of” romantic getaway. Well..it’s hard to be romantic when you literally feel like you are dying. The morning of day 3 of our trip I woke up with the most insane stomach pains I have ever experienced in my life. I have had food poisoning plenty of times but this was a whole new level of hell on Earth. After about 4 hours of suffering, sweating and feeling like death my saint of a husband discovered that the hotel had a doctor on site. Not only was he able to write me a prescription for medicine but he was also able to give me two shots…no not of tequila. Unfortunately these weren’t the kind of shots that go in your arm…let’s just say my husband got a laugh. After eating only rice for the next two days I finally felt better and we were able to leave our room and enjoy the rest of our vacation.

Another negative was the lack of night life and dining options. We found ourselves just kind of wandering around after 9 pm. However their grounds at night are very pretty.


57936_608515149376_1828767818_nNow on to the good. The hotel was super clean and their staff was a pleasure to be around. If you do visit be sure to meet Lucino who works at the pool bar. He is one of the friendliest and hardest working guys I have ever seen. Speaking of the pool, their activities were great. From volleyball to pool golf, they really do a good job of keeping you entertained (if you want to be). As you can see Joe was into their golf contest.

The food was pretty good but I am hesitant of saying more than that since I am still not sure where I got the food poisoning from although it was probably NOT from the hotel*.

**Update- The Grand Mayan has been distinguished as a top safety rating resort through different high-level certifications (Crystal and Check Safety First), obtained by monitoring – on a regular basis, our food and water safety.

One of our favorite things at their hotel was their spa where we got an anniversary couples massage. How gorgeous is this…

TGM_LC_SPA_Slider1.1Overall we really enjoyed our experience at the Grand Mayan and would definitely recommend it to a couple who is looking to unwind.

Exploring Cabo San Lucas

22ceebd4-445f-4962-9229-783006381c7eWe went to Sunset Da Mona Lisa for our anniversary dinner and it was the most romantic dining experience we have ever had. This restaurant is carved into a cliff overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas with a picturesque view of the famous Arch at Land’s End. We quickly realized why it is rated one of the top 5 coolest restaurants in the world by the The New York Times.  We sat right on the edge of the cliff and were in awe of the breathtaking views. The food was just as fantastic as the atmosphere. I ordered a filet that was cooked on a hot lava stone which you can see below.


Here are some of our favorite shots from the night and a video as well.

FotorCreatedIf you are looking for some crazy fun while in Cabos San Lucas then you HAVE to go to El Squid Roe. I went to Cancun my senior year of college and this place puts every bar and party we went to back then to shame. This bar is wild with drinking contests every few minutes, congo lines and dancing in the street. Drinks were a little expensive but it was by far the most fun experience we had while on vacation.



Speaking of Spring Break, I actually found this video from their recent party. Here is a look inside El Squid Roe.

After we left El Squid Roe we walked a few blocks up the road to find the famous Cabo Wabo bar. I strongly recommend against this if you go at night. It was the first time during the trip that we felt really unsafe. Be careful if you are in this area.

Last but not least, we ended the vacation and scratched an item off my bucket list when Joe surprised me and took me to ride horses on the beach.


So that’s it! Our kind of romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas. It was a great trip but Aruba will always be our happy place.

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