Our Maternity Shoot

I was really on the fence about doing a maternity shoot but after doing it I am so glad we decided to go for it. We contacted our amazing wedding photographer Phyllis Schiavone (Family PhotoJournalist) and met her in a beautiful park in Hamilton. She took a TON of beautiful shots and here are a few of our favorites.
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27 Weeks Pregnant and A Surprise Ultrasound

The last week of the 2nd trimester was a great one! We had an appointment Monday night and our dr, who I absolutely adore, surprised us with an ultrasound so we could get a glimpse of our little guy! It totally make our week. As you can see from my lack of makeup I am already totally nailing the “tired mom” look.

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24 Weeks Pregnant and So Much Love

Love is in the air as we kicked off week 24 by celebrating our eighth Valentine’s Day together. Joe cleaned out our attic this week and found a box of all the cards I have given him including the first Valentine’s Day card I gave him in college. I don’t know if it is the hormones or what but I cried (with happiness) reading all the messages and cards we have exchanged over the years. 24 weeks pregnant Read more

A Special Valentine’s Day Random Act of Kindness

“I don’t know any of your names but I all know your faces”

How many people do we cross paths with each week at work, the grocery store or in the case I am about to share the gym? Sometimes you may exchange a casual smile or a friendly glance  and others times you may just go about your business. On Monday, a man who has been in my Zumba class for the past year reminded me how a simple gesture to the ones around us, even nameless strangers, can make a big impact.

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