Video: A Light Bulb that Plays Music? That’s a Bright Idea!

sengWhen I got back from the CES show in Vegas, I knew one of the first things I had to buy was the Sengled Pulse LED light bulb. Well, to be completely honest the first thing I REALLY wanted was a 4K TV but a light bulb that plays music was a little more affordable.

The Sengled Pulse is a great way to make your home a little smarter that is completely affordable ($60). With it, I can instantly stream music and regulate the lighting in my kitchen, all from an app on my phone (via Bluetooth). Unlike my iPod dock, that happened to be on it’s way out, this is wireless, has better quality sound and takes up zero space on the counter. It fits right in with the other bulbs in the kitchen.

Here is a quick video review of the Sengled Pulse LED bulb:

While you can add up and connect up to 8 of these bulbs in your home, we chose to buy one for now and that’s really all we needed in our kitchen. We will probably end up buying a few more for other rooms in the house. You can buy a Pulse Solo 30 watt bulb for $60 here.

In addition to being super impressed with the Pulse bulb I also thought the Sengled Snap, for video surveillance, and the Sengled Boost which boost WiFi were pretty cool as well. Now back to dreaming about my 4K TV! (Never too early to start dropping hints for Santa)

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