Hello Beautiful! My Love for Hayworth

room1Anyone who has been to my home knows that my woman cave is my happy place. This guest room turned make up room is my haven for make up, shoes and accessories.

One of my most favorite gifts Joe has ever given my is my Hayworth mirror and vanity. Whether I am sitting at it putting on make up before work or dolling up for a date night, it just makes getting ready feel a little more glam.

I have been wanting to add more pieces from Pier One’s Hayworth collection and I am thrilled that Joe picked up on the hint and came through for my birthday. (Maybe stopping by and telling him how much I loved it every time we were in the store was a give away.) I am so excited to add the Hayworth Lingerie Chest in my woman cave and can’t wait to fill her up with girly goodies. It has way more space in the drawers than I expected. One drawer alone fits my straightener, dryer and curling irons! I’m pretty sure Rita Hayworth herself would just love this collection.


Now onto my Christmas list…I have my eye on this piece. 🙂

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