Decorating With Gray (Three Ways)

Gray may be the color of gloomy days and trash cans but when it comes to decorating, gray is the king of the color wheel. Here are three gray color combos that I have fallen in love with.

Gray + Yellow

guestWhen we moved into our home I had repainting our yellow guest room on my list of things to do but the color really grew on me. There is something about that little splash of happy sunshine that puts a smile on my face whenever I am in that room. Alone, gray can be a somber color, but paired with yellow and it becomes really soft and sweet. I, of course, found this bedding set at HomeGoods. (In case you haven’t noticed yet I find all my best stuff there.) I am still searching for the perfect headboard but I am leaning toward something like this. (Thoughts?)

Gray + Teal

Gray and Teal Bedroom

Ok, before we go any further, let’s just ackowledge the fact that my cat completely photobombed this picture. I think he was going for his invisible look but failed. With a light gray wall and bedspread we were in dire need of a pop of color and a few teal throw pillows really did the trick.

Gray + White


My parents recently renovated their guest bathroom and I fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of the white and gray color combo. In fact, I liked it so much that I eventually recreated the look in our home.


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