What to Expect When Your Cat has Ocular Melanoma Surgery

When I first saw a brown spot that looked like a freckle in our cat Rory’s eye I never imagined it being cancer…but it was. Finding out the only solution to give him a good shot at a long life was actually removing his eye absolutely broke our hearts but we knew it was the right decision. The day we dreaded for the past several month finally came this week and I can say it went much better than we expected.

r1Taking him to the surgery center was really tough. He sat on my lap and I got in as many kisses and pets as I could. When we handed him over to the nurse I felt like it was the ultimate betrayal and I cried my eyes out. When we got the call that he was out of surgery and was wide awake we were incredibly relieved but also tremendously nervous to see him. From drop off to pick up it was about 5 hours. Everyone at the surgery center was very kind to us and Dr. Holmberg did a great job stitching him up. As sad as it was seeing him with only one eye I was actually surprised at how great he looked.  Read more

How to Create A Spooktacular Graveyard for Under $10

You want to know what is scary around Halloween time? The price of decorations. Seriously a tombstone for over $20 is just silly.

Since becoming a homeowner I have wanted to be “The Halloween House” on our block but every time I look at the prices for tombstones, ghouls and goblins I just can’t bring myself to do it. I was so psyched when I saw these decorations at Dollar Tree. I grabbed 2 skulls, 6 tombstones and a skeleton hand.

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#GoPinkandBlue: We are The One in Four

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. When I opened up about our three losses in my post in August it was one of the hardest but best things I could have done. I had an outpouring of love and support from others who have been part of what I call “The M Club” and that sisterhood of strength has been amazing as we continue our journey toward parenthood. When I stumbled across the #GoPinkandBlue campaign on social media I knew I had to jump on board as a way to continue to break the silence and social stigma about opening up to the world about this topic. I’m not sure who started this campaign but to whoever you are, thank you.


Do you want to support this campaign? Go Pink and Blue on Facebook and/or Twitter.

3 Insanely Fun Bachelorette Party Games

As my best friend’s MOH I take my party planning responsibilities very seriously so when I found out we’d be renting a house for a weekend in Long Island I knew I had to come up with some awesome game ideas for the first night where we stayed in. Here is what we played…
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How to Make Gorgeous Champagne Jello Shots

Unless you are in college the days of serving fruity jello shots in paper cups at a party have come and gone. If you’re not ready to give up your little jiggly bites of alcohol just yet, then this champagne jello shot recipe is just chic enough to serve alongside appetizers and cocktails at your “grown up” soiree.

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