BBQ Chicken Avocado Quesadilla

avo2You know those nights where you get home from work and cooking is the last thing you feel like doing? Well before you pick up the phone to order Chinese food or pour yourself a bowl of cereal, you might want to consider making yourself a yummy, cheesy quesadilla.

They are filling, easy to make and if you have leftover chicken already made only take about five minutes to make. A five minute dinner? I’ll take that over a cold bowl of cereal any day of the week.

While there are endless combinations for making mouth watering quesadillas, this is my favorite combination. Read more

These Gorgeous Gold Bracelets are Pure Arm Candy

Looking to add some fun new pieces to your arm candy collection? Go for the gold with these beautiful personalized pieces.

Gold Double Elle Bangle

This understated gold bangle is perfect by itself or with a stack of other fab bracelets.


Mark & Grtaham $159

Gold Signature Bracelet

There is nothing more unique than a person’s handwriting and knowing that your loved one had a hand in creating this bracelet makes it the perfect unique gift.

il_570xN.533153761_p4qx Read more

FAKE Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…On Her Honeymoon

Wedding RingsPack up your passports, swimwear and camera but leave those wedding ring in a safe place at home!

I know leaving your new bling behind after your wedding may be the last thing you want to do but losing your ring while away, or even worse getting it stolen, will absolutely ruin your honeymoon.

Don’t feel like staring at a naked finger as you celebrate your life as newlyweds? You don’t have to! I share this advice with all my friends who are about to tie the knot...get a fake set of rings. Yes, when it comes to vacations fake diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Read more

How To Create a Gorgeous DIY Gold & Aqua Beach Bridal Shower

When my best friend Caitlin asked me to be her Matron of Honor I practically exploded with excitement. As an only child I have always dreamed of having a sister and Cait is as close to being one as it gets. For the past ten years we have shared so many laughs and fabulous memories as roommates and sorority sisters and I couldn’t wait to shower her with gifts and love at her bridal shower. It was a major bonus that all of her friends (and future sister-in-law) are seriously awesome which made planning this party even more fun.


Bridal Party Read more

Opening Up About the Silent Heartache of Miscarriage

We are the1 in 8As we approach our four year anniversary I can say our marriage has never been stronger or filled with more love for one another despite going through the hardest time we have ever been through as husband and wife but not for the reasons I could have ever predicted.

This week we found out we lost our third pregnancy and I feel like the time has come to open up about it. It has been a year of trying to grow our family and a year of enduring the heartbreaking pain of getting that dream ripped away from us time after time after time. Read more

5 Stars for Eddie V’s in Chicago


1901429_542704099177541_7011828470795309949_nAs a road warrior I am used to grabbing dinner on the run and have had enough burgers, fries and milkshakes to last me a lifetime so when I had the chance to coordinate a dinner for my team this week in Chicago I couldn’t wait. We ended up at Eddie V’s at the The Shops at North Bridge after reading glowing reviews on Yelp and once I push publish on this post I will be adding my own commendation to their list of rave reviews.

Simply put, my experience at Eddie V’s in Chicago was Love at First Bite. Read more

A Day at the White House

I’ve never really experienced Washington, D.C. aside from a family vacation there about 20 years ago, but that all changed when I was invited to attend the White House Demo Day — where innovators around the country pitched their ideas to none other than President Barack Obama.

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