Flowers Always Make People Feel Better

A special thank you to my Aunt Cheryl for these fresh flowers from her garden. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Flowers always make people feel better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. -Burbank


App of the Month: Venmo

If you had to lose your wallet or your phone, which would you choose?

logo-markObviously losing either would be a major inconvenience but I am willing to bet most of you would choose keeping your phone. As our phones become more integrated with our lives it was only a matter of time that they became our wallets too. In fact, social transactions via mobile devices is a major topic of conversation in the tech space right now. Read more

Sunday Funday: Pier13 Hoboken


image via pier13

Food Trucks, Cold Drinks and the New York City skyline…Pier13 in Hoboken is the perfect spot to soak up the sun when you don’t feel like battling Parkway South traffic to head down the shore. We had such a great time here this past weekend.

If you haven’t been to Pier13 and you live in North Jersey then you have to add it to your list of things to do this summer.

Pier13 Read more

Heartbroken to Learn Our Cat Has Cancer

11702669_810881630326_8081765619503273167_nWhile I so enjoy sharing the happy moments in my life today is a really tough day. This afternoon we found out Rory, our four year old tabby, has ocular melanoma. We are truly devastated to learn that he has cancer and even more heartbroken that the eye specialist said he will need to have his eye removed within the next few months to prevent it from spreading. If we don’t move forward with the surgery his survival rate would be about two years so the decision is sad but very clear. Read more

Red Bank’s YESTERcades Is a Gamer’s Dream Come True

Aside from when we are down the shore on the boardwalk, it is pretty rare to see a video arcade. I guess it’s partly because of the emergence of mobile games or maybe kids today look at video arcade games the way I would look at a phone with a cord. Whatever the case may be I think it is safe to say arcades seem like they are a dying breed which is why discovering YESTERcades in Red Bank, NJ this past weekend was such a treat.

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