Lemon Cake Therapy (and Recipe)

LivingtheLLifeI recently came across an article called “A Road to Mental Health Through the Kitchen” by The Wall Street Journal. In short, it talks about how health-care clinics and counselors are using cooking and baking as a therapy tool.

This article completely resonated with me. Everyone has their own way of unwinding after a long day. For some it’s going to the gym, for others perhaps shopping, but for me, it has always been cooking. There is something so satisfying about about putting on some music and letting your thoughts drift away as you whip up a dinner or bake a dessert. And while the process of preparing and cooking a meal is therapeutic in and of itself, the end result is equally as rewarding, especially when you can share the end product with someone else. When I see my husband, family and friends enjoying something I made it feels like an instant boost in self confidence.

Yes, my kitchen is my sanctuary and cooking is my therapy.

Do you feel the same? Read more

The Sticky Trick to Creating Amazing Flower Arrangements

prettyThe past few months in Jersey have been so BLAH! Filled with cold temps, gray skies and way too much snow. While I anxiously await blue skies and sunshine, I try to create my own little spring happiness in our home by adding flowers to the rooms we spend the most time in.

For the most part I tend to focus on on the front entry, my woman cave, our kitchen and our bedroom. I’m not talking crazy huge arrangements, just small and sweet bunches of beautiful and bright flowers. Read more

Juicy Pork Roast with a Sweet Apple Mustard Glaze

tableThis weekend I hosted my first holiday in our new home. As I planned my menu I struggled with figuring out what to serve as the main entree. My mom won’t eat turkey (long story short it’s because of a bad experience with food poisoning) and my in-laws aren’t fans of red meat. I decided the best bet was to serve a pork dish. I ended up finding a great recipe from the Food Network that I made some moderations to and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Despite being a bit time consuming, it was SUPER simple to make. (seriously this recipe is fool-proof!) Read more