The Most Furtastic Video Shoot Ever

Last week we rolled out the red carpet at the Pampered Pet Hotel and Spa for the stars of Homes Best Friend to promote the launch of Coldwell Banker’s commercial and it was one of my favorite work days ever.

As you can see below, these pooch’s acting skills were pawsitively on point! Click here if you missed the debut of our commercial during the Academy Awards.

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A Helpful Tip For Men Struggling With Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

v1Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away and chances are you haven’t decided what to buy for your sweetheart yet. Don’t panic…there is still plenty of time.

While flowers and candy are always a safe option (bonus points for a card with a handwritten note), there is another foolproof way to make sure that you get credit for being the stud you are this February 14th.  Read more