The Perfect Recipe for a Romantic Date Night at Home

The best part of being married? Getting to spend every single day with your best friend. Even staying in at home can turn into a night to remember.

glassesIf you were to think about a romantic date night you might envision being wined and dined by your man (or woman) at a restaurant. And it’s true, there is nothing like a fun night out on the town, but I can honestly say some of our greatest date nights have been spent right in the comfort of our house.

One of our favorite things to do is cooking together. We pour ourselves a drink, turn up the music and become an awesome culinary tag team.

The key to success? Not rushing. We cook in courses to make the night last. Not only does this prevent having a total mess in the kitchen by the end of the night but it also keeps us from feeling overstuffed. Read more

App of the Month: Gyft

There is a black hole in my home. I am convinced of it. It sucks up things like chapstick, socks, hair ties and bobby pins. Sometimes it even pulls in more expensive things like gift cards and once they enter they rarely return.

blackhole Read more