App of the Month: Watch Over Me

4676790632_89d5763a2fYou know the saying “there’s an app for that?” Of course you do. I am sure you have a favorite for everything from checking the weather to finding a great deal, but do you have one for your personal safety?

Last year, right around the holidays, The Mall at Short Hills had one of the most horrific carjackings I have ever heard of. Sadly four men tried to steal a Range Rover and killed a young man in the process. I wanted to believe it was a rare occurrence but when I looked up some stats online I discovered that One in Three women in America will be attacked in her lifetime and One in Four rapes take place in a public area or parking garage. ( Read more

iPhone 6…Meh

6Breaking up is hard to do…especially with your cell phone. However, my iPhone5S made the breakup easy. It decided to stop receiving texts from certain people, couldn’t hold a charge and just started acting plain bratty. Despite being unimpressed with the launch of the new iPhone I decided I might as well upgrade instead of getting a replacement.


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Saying Goodbye to Wynnewood

28 years ago my parents made the move into a beautiful house on Wynnewood Road. Less than four months later they brought me into their house and it became their home.

To me, our home was like a family member. It was there during the good times, the bad, during milestones and during every special moment we shared including the morning where I left at Ms. Jacob and came back to visit as Mrs. Listanski.



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The Best Leggings in the World

There is no better “weekend uniform” in the Fall than a long comfy sweater, riding boots and a thick pair of black leggings. Now I know there are haters out there saying “leggings are not pants” and to you I say just hear me out.

Before I go any further let me just lay down the rules of wearing leggings… Read more

Happy 30th JL

Cheers to 30 Years JL!


My husband’s 30th birthday gift, along with his 30 for 30 cards, was a weekend away in the Poconos with his best friends. It was nice to get away and be surrounded by nothing but fall foliage and friends.3h

We even snuck out for a few hours to try our luck at Mount Airy Casino. Let’s just say betting on the number 30 on Roulette on your husband’s 30th birthday weekend is a GREAT idea!

mtI hope you had the best weekend Joe…because you truly deserve the best.


The Best Brownie Mix EVER

847909bThe best brownies aren’t made from scratch. In fact, they come right out of a box! But don’t take my word for it, trust my family, friends and coworkers who fight for the last brownie during parties and events. Or even better, the ones I catch smuggling brownies home for their kids and families. (I love when this happens)

I have been using Ghirardelli Brownie Mix for years and haven’t had one unsatisfied taster to date. The secret is to go for the Triple Chocolate mix. I usually stock up on these boxes at Costco.  These brownies are downright sinful. They are soft, sweet, and truly decadent…not exactly what you would expect from a box mix but hey, it’s Ghiradelli!




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My Favorite Fall Fashion Finds

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Nothing compares to the cool crisp air, the beautiful leaves changing and of course, the return of PSL. I also LOVE everything about fall fashion. Comfy scarves, cute boots, yummy sweathers…I can’t get enough.

Here are three new staples I have added to my fall wardrobe.

Plaid Shirt | H&M

Perfect with a tank and ripped jeans.

Price: Under $30


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